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Fee Schedule

Introductory Meeting/Consultation | $100.00

During the initial consultation, I will typically meet with you, either with or without your child, for approximately 30-45 minutes to discuss your areas of concern, review your case history (and any past reports you can provide) and discuss my own therapy process. This is also a time when we will review my paperwork (terms and conditions, payment terms) to make sure everything is transparent. Please note, this is not an assessment, although I may be making informal observations about your child, if he or she is in attendance. 

Individual Session/Assessment (hourly) | $125.00

Whenever I meet a new child, the first few sessions will always be spent building rapport and conducting a range of informal assessments in order to identify your child's relative strengths and weaknesses. This will allow me to create appropriate intervention goals. The rate for intervention and assessment is the same, however if you require an assessment report or if I am required to liaise with other professionals (previous SLPs, paediatricians, OTs, educational psychologists etc.), these services will be billed separately at the same hourly rate of $125.00. 

Sessions are typically structured with 45-50 minutes of direct intervention, leaving the final 10-15 minutes for liaison with parents re: session progress, review of goals, suggestions for at-home carryover, etc.

Individual Session/Assessment (half-hourly) | $62.50

If your child is unable to attend/focus for a full 45 minute session, I am more than happy to offer a 30 minute time slot. Please note, 20-25 minutes will be dedicated to direct intervention, with the final 5-10 minutes dedicated to discussion with parents. 

Travel (hourly) | $125.00

My office is located in downtown Sechelt, which is my preferred location for service delivery. If you are unable to attend at my office, I can travel to your home/centre/school, however an additional travel fee must be charged, to cover the cost of fuel as well as the additional time spent travelling there and back. Time will be billed in 5 minute increments. 

The above fees include time spent outside the session in planning, preparing therapy materials, and any necessary telephone/email liaison with parents. It also includes the cost of assessment and paper based therapy materials.


The above fees are valid from January 2018 - December 2018. Fees are subject to annual review.

Financial Assistance

The following may be potential sources for funding for private Speech Language Pathology services



Contact: – the application is on line
4300 Still Creek Drive
Chairman – Heart of Variety Fund Cmte
Burnaby , BC V5C 6C3

Telephone: 604-320-0505   or toll free 310-KIDS (5437)



Suite 2000
700 West Georgia Street
Vancouver , BC V7Y 1K9
Attention: Shirley Stocker

Telephone: 604-331-2711


At Home Program

Mailing Address:  PO Box 9719 STN PROV GOVT Victoria, BC V8W 9S5


Telephone: 1 888 613-3232




May provide grants specifically for therapy related to stuttering.



Financial Assistance Program

3225 – 12th Street N.E.

Calgary, AB

T2E 7S9

Telephone: 1 866- 996-9918



#303-5710 Teredo Street

Sechelt, B.C.




M.Sc (Hons), RSLP

Speech-Language Pathologist

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