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Here's what people are saying about their experience working with me!

"Kelly is a gifted, talented therapist who, with her wholistic approach, has benefited our entire family. We took our daughter to Kelly initially for speech therapy, but with Kelly’s insight, and her ‘kid whisperer’ abilities, she quickly helped us understand and shift some of our daughters most challenging behaviours. This woman gets kids on a whole other level, and my daughter loves working with her, even her sister asks to go to the sessions! She is fun, playful, caring, and with ease gets our child to engage, co-operate and work hard. Kelly’s care and compassion is genuine and I feel so lucky and grateful to have her helping our child, thank you Kelly!"                             ~Sarah G. 
"I highly recommend Ms. Kelly to children with language and speech delays, as well as special needs, as she is very patient, well experienced, highly motivated, and concerned about each child’s specific needs."​
- Alya K. 
“Kelly Schuster is one of the most well-received speakers that I had the pleasure to meet. Her presentation skills are exceptional as she translates state-of-the-art research and knowledge into relevant, accessible, practical gems for the speech therapy practitioner. Not only is she highly intelligent, diligent and thoughtful, she is funny, kind and humble. What a delight it is to work with her!”
- Peter R. (Adult client, post stroke)

"No words can express, no act of gratitude can relay, no gift can represent what your love and support to Yousif my son have meant to me. Please accept this note as an indicator of my heartfelt appreciation for everything you are"

- Badriya J. 

"Kelly was helpful, professional, extremely knowledgeable and fun! Kelly helped me not only to get my voice back, but my life, my  personality, and my smile!!!"

- Vanessa T. (Adult client)

"Since I started the speech therapy with Ms. Kelly, it became much easier to communicate with both of my kids, and learning became more fun."

"Kelly is one of the most naturally talented speech and language pathologists I have had the great pleasure to work alongside. Kelly has a fantastic understanding of her clients, with a deep compassion within paediatrics. Kelly is extremely knowledgable not only within her field, but also within the interlinking disciplines clients often need to achieve progress. Kelly has actively spent time educating herself on best practice within the field of ASD and is familiar with ABA principles and methods of teaching. Kelly has broad experience working with clients of all ages and with a wide range of conditions; she is always my first port of call when I need some advice with my clients."
-Danielle P (ABA Therapist and Clinic Supervisor)
-Shevon W. (fellow SLT)
"A hard worker, natural leader and teamplayer, Kelly is a breath of fresh air in the world of SLP. Kelly generously gives her time and expertise to anyone. Kelly is accommodating; using different techniques and a variety of different methods to cater to each client she works with. Kelly is patient; her calming demeanor allows the parent and/or the client to be comfortable when working with her. Kelly is consistent; she continues to bring great and equal care to every client who needs speech and language services. A positive attitude is the most important quality for anyone who works with those who need speech and language services-Kelly exudes this quality which makes her a great SLP" 
- Alya K. 

"Kelly is one of the most professional Speech Therapists that I had the pleasure to meet. She is funny, humble, patient and kind. She is well experienced, specifically in special needs, a huge difference I had noticed with my son"

- Sahar H. 

"Hala's speech therapy sessions with Miss Kelly commenced in January 2016... Since then my daughter has transformed into a different individual! Not only is she able to correctly and coherently speak in sentences, initially starting out with with poor sentence fragments, but she has started engaging in two way conversations! Miss Kelly was always available, and has set appropriate targets that are reviewed on a monthly basis. My daughter's pediatrician recently was amazed by Hala's transformation that he requested Kelly's contact details too! Thank you Miss Kelly!."

-Nada B.

"Kelly is a very good speech therapist. She is working with my son since 9 months and anybody can see improvement in his speech and behavior" 

-Irum R. 
"Kelly has been [my son]'s SLT for 18 months. Prior to meeting Kelly, [my son] had a vocabulary of 20-30 words and struggled to communicate basic needs. I cannot express the life changing effect that Kelly's innovative and engaging therapy sessions have made to [my son]'s development. He is now a child who can communicte his needs with ease and talks in complete sentences. Not only is Kelly a gifted therapist but she also went above and beyond to ensure that [my son's] life was improved by Speech"​
-Liz & Richard S. 
-Kristine B.

"Kelly has been my son's, speech therapist for over a month now. My son has speech delay. I have sought help already from a doctor and a speech therapist before. But Kelly is different, she made sure the whole family is involved. She is very consistent in that area. She is extremely knowledgeable in what she is doing, very firm and consistent, yet very childlike. She likes to play and she uses that 'gift of child at heart' to communicate with the little kids and it's genuine! That's why my son has started to talk [and] make sentences, not just signing! My little boy loves her and He calls her 'Sweet Kelly'. He always wants to go to the center with excitement to play with her. And Kelly, we will never forget the day he uttered the words 'Mama wants to kiss [child's name]!' Its a milestone!"

#303-5710 Teredo Street

Sechelt, B.C.




M.Sc (Hons), RSLP

Speech-Language Pathologist

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